Identity And Access Management (#IAM) is becoming more crucial than ever.

🔐 As technology and organizational priorities evolve at a rapid pace, #IdentityAndAccessManagement (#IAM) is becoming more crucial than ever.

Here are the six key IAM planning trends that every organization must consider:
1️⃣ Connect Anywhere Computing: Enhance your access management systems for a remote world, integrating robust multi-factor authentication and zero-trust architecture.
2️⃣ User Experience: Deliver a seamless digital experience for all external users to drive satisfaction and secure digital business.
3️⃣ Keys, Secrets, Certificates, Machines: Address the surge of machines in hybrid/multicloud environments and manage software robot identities effectively.
4️⃣ New Applications and APIs: Securely develop, source and onboard new applications, ensuring comprehensive API security.
5️⃣ Hybrid and Multicloud: Implement mature automated compensating controls as digital assets shift to decentralized multicloud environments.
6️⃣ IGA Functions for Decentralized Architecture: Evolve your Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) capabilities in line with accelerating digitalization and cloud adoption.

Is your organization up to date on IAM? 🔒💻🌐

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